BarberMcMurry wins three awards in Kingdom Design Ministries challenge

Kingdom Design Ministries - Interior bedroom shot

BarberMcMurry has won the Judges’ Choice Award, People’s Choice Award and Kids’ Choice Award as part of Kingdom Design Ministries‘ Triple Dog Challenge. 

BMA and Blount County realtor Jackie Mills partnered to renovate Blount County teen Jonathan’s bedroom to be fully accessible for his motorized wheelchair and to upgrade the décor of the room to reflect his love of video games, which he can play with the help of an eye gaze computer and his older brother, Timmy. 

The renovation included adding a new, exterior door to the room, as well as adding automated blinds and LED lighting, plus a ceiling track that helps Jonathan in and out of bed. 

Jonathan was 11 when a brain aneurysm ruptured and resulted in a stroke, which caused a loss of all motor skills except for eye movement. While he has regained some ability to speak and can make small movements in his arms and legs, Jonathan has been diagnosed with “locked-in syndrome.”

BMA donated professional interior design services, funding for materials, and time volunteered over the weekend challenge, March 1-3.

In partnership with Mills, the team raised more than $5,000 toward supplies and materials needed for the renovation. Additionally, more than 25 furniture, paint and technology vendors and suppliers donated materials or labor to the effort, and many of those companies had employees volunteering during renovation weekend.

GIA wins Keep Knoxville Beautiful Award!

GIA wins Keep Knoxville Beautiful Award

For the third year in a row, a BarberMcMurry project has won a Keep Knoxville Beautiful Orchid Award for Environmental Stewardship!

This year’s winner was Gastrointestinal Associates, following in the footsteps of previous BMA-designed winners, the City of Knoxville Public Works Complex & the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials.

We’re honored to have designed these amazing projects and be leading the way for sustainable design in East Tennessee!

Learn more about Gastrointestinal Associates’ sustainable design components here.

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