Our motto is Build Beautiful.

For us, that’s a concise way to say a big thing — that we try our hardest, in every aspect of our business, to make our community a better and more beautiful place, in every way.

We’re architects and interior designers, so that means that we understand that our buildings impact their surroundings. We design sustainably and locally. We make responsible choices so that our buildings are healthy, responsible, functional … and beautiful.

But it’s not just about aesthetics.

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  • Empty Stocking Fund
  • Parking Day

    We believe we should improve our community personally. We support charitable and community causes. We have 100% participation in United Way giving each year. We host blood drives; we donate services to remodel homes for children with illnesses or disabilities; we pack boxes of food and toys for those in need.

    None of that is about bragging. It’s about being part of the community we love in ways that are true to who we are and that honestly help others.

    We work to create better lives for our employees and their families. That goes beyond competitive pay and benefits to having a company culture that prioritizes creativity and drive. More than half of our employees are Millennial, and more than half are female. We’re world travelers. We speak multiple languages. If you want to talk to us about food, we fall everywhere on the spectrum from vegan to keto.

    Our open office encourages collaboration and communication. Flexible sit/stand desks let each of us choose how to work. Our downtown location encourages activity and involvement, whether that's visiting the Market Square Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays or squeezing in a lunch workout at the Y just down the block. For pedestrian commuters, we have an in-office shower. For young moms, we have a private room to pump. 

    Quarterly office parties bring employees and families together. Monthly creative dialogues on anything that's important to us encourage collaboration and push our design knowledge. Weekly bring-your-dog-to-work days help everyone unwind.

    Every day, in every way we can think of, we Build Beautiful.