SmartBank Corporate Headquarters

For SmartBank, BarberMcMurry led an extensive renovation of an existing building into a contemporary corporate headquarters. 

The renovated building not only conveys SmartBank’s modern brand image, its adaptive reuse of an existing footprint is a practice of environmental stewardship. It’s estimated that almost 80% of a building’s overall energy use is related to embodied energy, or the energy used in the extraction and manufacture of building materials, as well as a building’s construction and demolition. Renovations like the one at SmartBank can help cut down on those costs — both financial and environmental. 

The design features prominent accents of cypress wood, which lead from the underside of the exterior canopy into an interior accent wall that flows from the two-story entry deeper into the building. The exterior is further defined by a mix of regional materials like stacked stone with modern materials like exposed metal. Inside, a monumental stair is a central fixture of the entry. SmartBank’s brand is supported through the careful use of blue accent walls and carpet tiles — moderated with clean white and gray as well as warm wood accents. 

The building houses banking services as well as SmartBank’s corporate administrative offices and support spaces, including state-of-the-art training rooms. 

Completion Date: 2019

Type: Addition/Renovation

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Services: Architecture, Interior Design

Use: Commercial / Office

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