At Arconic Tennessee, BarberMcMurry renovated an existing conference room, meeting rooms and adjacent kitchen area to better communicate Arconic’s brand and create a space that impressed clients and benefited employees. 

The clean, graphic aesthetic is accented with pops of Arconic blue and finishes that lend a manufacturing vibe. The floor finishes were based on elements of Arconic’s logo and branding colors and installed in a custom pattern created by our interior designers. The changes in ceiling height allowed our designers to define different areas of the large, open room so each space still felt personal. 

To add flexibility to the space, the furniture is easily movable and configurable — the flip-top tables and chairs can be arranged in a typical classroom set-up, theater-style layout, U-shaped layout, or Town Hall layout. Other spaces include lounge areas for informal, one-on-one conversations; private “phone booth” spaces that allow for privacy or head-down working; and high-top tables and chairs that give a bistro feel to the area nearest the break room. Mobile whiteboards can be moved anywhere in the room to accommodate any use.


Completion Date: 2019

Type: Addition/Renovation

Location: Alcoa, Tennessee

Building Area: 3,200 SF

Services: Interior Design

Use: Commercial / Office

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