Radio Systems Mezzanine Renovation

At Radio Systems Corporation, BarberMcMurry renovated a mezzanine level housing the company’s Invisible Fence team. The renovation needed to encourage employee productivity while leaving a good impression on clients and visitors. The design and furniture, fixtures and colors of the space represent the Invisible Fence brand — utilizing bright whites and blues, balanced with neutrals and warm wood tones. 

The renovation also increased the number of meeting spaces and completed an unfinished loft area to include a kitchenette, private phone room, touchdown stations and a community table. Special attention was paid to lighting — fluorescent fixtures were replaced with LED lights to decrease employee eye strain — and acoustics. Workstations were given more visual and acoustic division through the use of sliding felt hanging panels that include custom dog bone cutouts. Writable surfaces increase the amount of productive workspace.

Completion Date: 2019

Type: Addition/Renovation

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Building Area: 2,500 SF

Services: Interior Design

Use: Commercial / Office

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