King Family Library

Building Area: 40,100 s.f.

Date of Completion: Spring 2010

Type: New Construction

Location: Sevierville, TN

Budget: $8,300,000

Challenge: Design a new central library as a local landmark
to provide expanded services.

Solution: We provided a design for a library facility
that is eight times larger than the current main library. The exterior
design speaks to the region as well as providing a modern interpretation
of classic architecture. The first floor of the building invites the visitor
into a two story lobby filled with cherry paneled walls. The first floor
also provides a cafe and meeting spaces available to the community after
hours. The administrative offices for the entire county library system
are also housed in this facility. The second floor stacks are separated
into a teen center, a children’s center and the main collections. Off
of the main collections is a two story reading room which repeats the
cherry paneled walls motif and is adorned with heavy-timber trusses and
a stone fireplace. The third floor houses the genealogy area with a rare
materials vault, a reading room, and stacks for historical information
related to the area’s deep rooted past. The remainder of the third floor
is shell space that has the flexibility to accommodate the needs of the
library in its future growth.