HF Capital

BarberMcMurry led a renovation of the new downtown Knoxville headquarters for HF Capital, housed in the historic Pembroke building on Union Avenue. The Pembroke was built in 1927 by Knoxville developer Benjamin Sprankle, was converted into a hotel for the 1982 World’s Fair, and now features mixed-use commercial office space on the ground floor with owner-occupied residential units on the upper levels. 

The renovation combined several separate tenant spaces into one functional office with a highly efficient floor plan arrangement. The design prioritizes easy circulation and the feel of an open office — while also allowing for visual and acoustic privacy. The interior design reveals & restores original terrazzo floors, renews window openings covered by prior renovations, and celebrates the historic detailing of the original architecture. 

HF Capital’s offices, conference rooms, lounge areas, and employee breakroom are unified by glass partitions throughout the space, allowing natural light to filter throughout. Fluted glazing panes at eye level offer visual privacy. In each office, lighting controls allow users to customize their lighting levels — improving comfort and productivity and reducing eye strain.

 The design utilizes a consistent palette of white, stormy blue and warm natural wood and leather, as well as black metal accents — lending the space a clean and cohesive aesthetic. Adjustable shades allow for privacy in offices situated along the street. Laminated interior glazing improves acoustics, as do ribbed wood feature walls in the conference rooms.

Completion Date: 2022

Type: Addition/Renovation

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Services: Architecture, Interior Design

Use: Commercial / Office

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