Gastrointestinal Associates

The three-story Gastrointestinal Associates medical office building showcases sustainable design practices that focus on patient wellness. The design breaks from the context of existing medical offices nearby. Instead, it sits in the landscape as a sculptural expression, from the building’s prominent windows and window walls to the detailed patterns in the brick façade. Materials were sourced regionally, within 500 miles, and were chosen to contain high recycled content and low-VOCs. Glazing on the windows prevents energy transfer but preserves benefits of sunlight and views.

The building’s interior design is oriented around the windows to ensure patients and GIA staff have views and access to natural light. The first-floor IBS suite features a 10-bay infusion area located adjacent to a sedate healing garden. The third-floor waiting room is situated behind floor-to-ceiling glass that bathes the space in warmth and light. From the lobby, an efficient floor plan situates 14 doctor’s offices and 24 exam rooms nearby.

Using an extensive array of 290-watt solar panels, GIA offsets a significant portion of its energy consumption. Coupled with a dynamic framing strategy to minimize heat transfer and the use of continuous insulation, this building has better energy efficiency than the vast majority of similarly-sized medical office buildings. 

    "The designers have taken what is often a standard building type and elevated it through thoughtful material and formal compositions."

    — 2018 AIA Jury

    Completion Date: 2016

    Type: New Construction

    Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

    Building Area: 51,050 square feet

    Services: Architecture, Interior Design

    Use: Healthcare


    • 2019 Keep Knoxville Beautiful Orchid Award for Environmental Stewardship
    • 2018 AIA East Tennessee Citation Award

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