General Building

The General Building, also called the Tennessee General Building (or the First Bank Building after a longtime tenant), is a 14-story office building in downtown Knoxville at the corner of Church Avenue and Market Street. 

Constructed in 1925, it is the only high-rise designed by BarberMcMurry founder Charles I. Barber. It has been listed on the National Register for Historic Places since 1988.

The building is steel frame veneered with brick and limestone, giving it the appearance of the historical style of a solid masonry structure. The exterior stonework is inspired by the Florentine renaissance style; limestone on the first three stories and brick above. The facade facing Market Street is well-known by its three arched openings and elaborate detailing. Also noteworthy is the arched and vaulted lobby, with marble floors and bronze-plated elevator doors. While the interior of the building has been renovated many times over the years, many of these original elements remain intact. 

Reportedly, the General Building was the first building in Knoxville to be constructed with more than ten stories and the first to have an elevator.

Completion Date: 1925

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

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