Sustainability Initiatives

Long before the practice was fashionable, BMa’s basic, long standing design philosophy supported the fundamental principles of sustainable design. BarberMcMurry architects is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and has a growing number of architects who are earning the LEED Accredited Professional designation. For us, it is paramount to define a project’s goals up front – with the client’s involvement – and then select the team members with whom we collaborate to fulfill these goals.


Proper site selection and building orientation are the next steps in producing quality design. The basic building palettes of form, mass, materials, and light are studied to best utilize attributes such as solar exposure, heat gain/loss, and natural light transmittance. Material selections and specifications are made with the inclusion of the entire team to maximize performance, energy utilization, and life cycle costs. These principles have served our firm well and provided the very best products for our clients. They help us define an initial design strategy that evolves throughout the process, and ultimately deliver projects with sustainability as a goal or a guideline.

With the advent of the LEED process, these design steps are now formalized. They are tracked during each phase of the delivery process; combined with material specification and contractor performance to ensure sustainable goals are met or exceeded in the built form.