West High School Library

Building Area: 13,000 s.f.

Date of Completion: 2005

Type: Addition

Location: Knoxville, TN

Budget: N/A

Challenge: Design a library addition for a local high school for maximum flexibility, aesthetics, and natural light.

Solution: When designing the addition, BMa had three main goals: work within the existing context; intersperse modern materials and aesthetics; and get the optimum amount of natural light into the spaces. The addition blends elements from both the 1948 school and the 1990 expansion. We chose to use an overall brick that matches the original school and use accent bricks that match the 1990 construction. BMa added a split face block base to correspond with the precast base found on the existing building. The building’s overall form, brick and window patterns, and the use of metal panels creates a modern Library while still complementing its surroundings. The addition of clerestories above the shelving units and diffused glazing panels on the south side of the addition, will maximize the use of natural light while minimizing the associated problems of glare and ultraviolet damage to the collections.