University of Tennessee Medical Center – Sevierville Regional Health Center

Building Area: 40,238 s.f.

Date of Completion: Spring 2015

Type: New Construction

Location: Sevierville, TN

Budget: $6,807,868

Challenge: Design a developer driven prototypical regional medical facility to increase a health system’s outreach in satellite communities.

Solution: BMa worked with UT Medical Center and Johnson Development to design a prototype medical facility that could be modified and replicated in satellite locations in a developer led process.  The facility needed to project the persona of a UT Medical Center project, and BMa drew upon our recent work at the main campus of UTMC for inspiration.  Aspects of the design reflect our previous architectural work at the Heart Hospital and Cancer Center, thus reinforcing UTMC’s brand as a modern yet warm health care environment. The facility includes chemotherapy, imaging, urgent care, and physician office suites to provide a wide range of health care modalities.  Given the nature of the site, each floor of the building is provided a dedicated vehicle drop-off and entry, which is a great advantage in the functionality of the program placement.  Urgent care is located on the east side of the building and can be accessed 24-hours while the remainder of the building can be closed off after hours.  The chemotherapy suite contains a 10 bay infusion area as well as exam functions.  The physician office suites are organized to share a common waiting area, while allowing individual entries into each suite, thus providing individuality while maximizing efficiency of space.