University of Tennessee Medical Center – Parking Garage

Building Area: 246,312 s.f. / 746 spaces

Date of Completion: 2012

Type: New Construction

Location: Knoxville, TN

Budget: $8,184,499

Challenge: Utilizing a constrained footprint, budget, and schedule; design a new parking garage for University of Tennessee Medical Center.

Solution: Placed on an existing surface parking lot, BMa was asked to design a parking garage to serve the Emergency Department as well as the “front door” of the hospital campus. The selected site was very constrained and the hospital’s needs dictated maximizing the amount of provided parking. The overall height of the garage was also limited due to the proximity of an adjacent helipad and FAA approach and liftoff requirements. By carefully studying the site and placement of the garage, we were able to design a new structure which provides over 700 parking spaces. BMa designed the garage with future expansion in mind with the ability to expand horizontally. The garage faces the Heart Hospital and the new Cancer Institute facility, helping to unify the identity of the UT Medical Center. Careful attention was paid in the architectural details of the garage in order to blend it with the campus aesthetic. Because budget and deadlines were very tight, the garage was designed using a precast structural T system along with precast spandrel panels. This allowed for a condensed construction period mitigating disruption to the campus and bringing needed parking on-line quickly. This project was completed using Design-Build delivery with Johnson & Galyon serving as the contractor.