University of Tennessee – 11th Street Parking Garage

Building Area: 455,000 s.f. / 1,419 spaces

Date of Completion: 2003

Type: New Construction

Location: Knoxville, TN

Budget: $14,400,000

Challenge: On a challenging site, provide a parking garage, shell space for a future campus police station, and a pedestrian bridge connector over a very busy, major vehicular thoroughfare.

Solution: This parking garage takes up the majority of the hill side site flanked by major city streets and historic campus buildings. We provided landscaped setbacks in order for the garage to not completely dwarf the area homes to its north and historic campus library to the west; at the same time a major portion of the garage was placed into the hill side to try and limit its height. Integration of natural ventilation shafts allowed us to eliminate expensive mechanical ventilation for the partially underground parking levels. Architecturally, the garage blends in as much as possible with the adjacent campus buildings. We provided a design that breaks down the mass of the garage into window sized openings in a facade of complementary brick and limestone. Connecting the garage to campus is an iconic elevated steel truss pedestrian bridge anchored by brick pylons.

Joint venture with Lindsay & Maples