Office and Golf Cart Garage for a Private Residence

Building Area: 320 s.f.

Date of Completion: Fall 2011

Type: Addition

Location: Knoxville, TN

Budget: N/A

Challenge: Add an office and a golf cart garage to an existing private residence designed by BMa in the 1980s, located between a river and a golf course.

Solution: The new wing extends out as far as possible, creating an entry courtyard that directs visitors to the front door. The rear patio is thus separated from the street, providing greater privacy. Large windows in the office provide welcome relief from the mostly solid facade and allow views outwards to the river. Staggered punched openings in the garage and connector hallway provide a sense of movement.

“A wonderful example of carefully adding to, improving, and elevating a building to a work of architecture. Who knew that a golf cart and office enclosure could work so hard? Great massing and use of color. This is much harder than it looks – an addition that doesn’t look like an addition. Hats off to Barber McMurry and their discerning client.” - 2015 AIA Jury