Green Point Community Boathouse

Building Area: N/A

Date of Completion: N/A

Type: New Construction

Location: New York, NY

Budget: N/A

Challenge: The New York City chapter of the AIA, sponsored an international ideas competion for a new community oriented Boat House to be located at the Bushcreek Inlet along the East River.

Solution: This Boathouse / Community Center incorporates imagery derived from aquatic and nautical themes. The boathouse storage and display modules rest upon a raised structural system reminiscent of typical dock construction. However, the raised Modules also allow pedestrians and vehicular traffic unencumbered views of the inlet and proposed community park. The curved glass of the Modules conjure “Sail” imagery – or aquatically, “Waves” – and the staggered repetitive relationship of the Modules resemble a traditional “Rowing” motif. A unique feature of the Modules is the use of the curved exterior glass as a billboard to display the boats within. This large expanse of billboard becomes an elevation activator, changing throughout the day as boats are removed, used, and then replaced again.

Selected for Exhibition at the Center for Architecture – Manhattan