East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Lobby and Waiting Renovations

Building Area: 1,000 s.f. New; 4,400 s.f. Renovation

Date of Completion: 2011

Type: Additions & Renovations

Location: Knoxville, TN

Budget: $1,039,000

Challenge: Update and expand the lobby and waiting areas to meet the needs of an expanding hospital while creating a space that is vibrant and interesting for children.

Solution: Color and form are installed in the existing spaces to guide visitors from the ground floor entry upwards to the main lobby on the first floor. Transparent panels carve space with planes of luminous color.

The design doubles the size of the lobby through the closure of the little-used atrium adjacent to the lobby area. The lobby space grew from 1,058 to 2,210 square feet. The new design doubles the number of seats available for families, provides amenities such as child-friendly restrooms and a coffee bar, and offer space for patients to gather for educational events.