Boetger Residence

Building Area: 2,789 s.f.

Date of Completion: 2016

Type: New Construction

Location: Knoxville, TN



Designed and owned by BarberMcMurry’s Chad Boetger, this three-year passion project residence is located in the Holston Hills area of Knoxville. Completed in 2016, the 2,789 square-foot house introduces a modern element into the 90-year-old neighborhood with a design that emphasizes expansive views and embraces natural light. The living and sleeping spaces in the home have floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over the Holston River. The minimalist color palette emphasizes, rather than competes with, those views.

The residence is thoughtfully designed for maximum energy efficiency. The house’s orientation allows the winter sun to passively heat the house during the winter while overhangs provide shade during the summer months. Innovative framing and a continuous insulation wrap, as well as energy-efficient LED lighting and an HVAC system, translate into electrical consumption that is half that of a standard home of similar size.