BMa Office

BarberMcMurry architects Arnstein Office Renovation

Building Area: 10,866 s.f.

Date of Completion: Summer 2013

Type: Renovation

Location: Knoxville, TN

Budget: N/A

Challenge: Create an inspirationally modern space for architectural collaboration within a historic downtown Knoxville highrise for the region’s oldest architecture firm.

Solution: For nearly a century, BarberMcMurry architects has been a leader in architectural design and a creative force in our community and region. To best position the studio for the future, BarberMcMurry architects relocated their offices to the Arnstein Building at Market Square – in the heart of Downtown Knoxville. BMa’s design strategy for their space is to immerse the studio in a dynamic urban atmosphere and create an interior architecture conducive to the mindset and attitude of creativity, collaboration, and responsiveness that they strive to bring to their clients. The studio architecture seeks to inspire the BMa team and elevate their passion for design. The studio is organized to maximize daylight, views, and openness. Very little of the interior design results in enclosed spaces and most of the new construction avoids touching or covering the existing historic detailing. And while the design of the intervening studio may be modern, the great care taken to respect and celebrate the historic details of the existing building will result in a wonderful juxtaposition of old and new. BMa’s new studio is highly energy efficient and utilizes sustainable construction techniques as part of their ongoing commitment to being good stewards of the environment we share.

"The jury appreciated the clean lines and sense of openness. The use of an all-white interior is striking and maximizes the sense of light, while the continuous blue line is an effective, and ever-changing, theme. " - 2014 AIA Jury