AIA Committee on Design – Home in the 21st Century

Building Area: N/A

Date of Completion: N/A

Type: Ideas Competition, New Construction

Location: N/A

Budget: N/A

Challenge: Design a new housing prototype for suburban living in the 21st century.

Solution: The purpose of this project was to study how sustainable principles and concepts behind suburban housing could be integrated to create a prototype house that is appropriate for the current century and beyond. We sought to transform traditional housing vernaculars and use those forms as our starting point for developing the architecture. An open first floor allows for social and familial interactions, while the second floor of the house contains the more private bedroom areas. The garage is designed to be transformed from a mere storage area for a car, into an office to telecommuting. We addressed energy efficiency by utilizing a high thermal mass wall as a major space defining element, while also maximizing glass exposures toward the north and south elevations. Automatic operable windows open when appropriate to allow for cross ventilation throughout the day.