111 W. Broadway

Building Area: 5,836 s.f. (Commercial), 1,807 s.f. (Residential)

Date of Completion: 2011

Type: Renovation

Location: Maryville, TN

Budget: N/A

Challenge: Restore the historic street facing façades
and renovate a vacant downtown building for mixed use.

Solution: After in-depth research into the original
building’s facades and precedent study of similar structures, we produced
exterior restorative designs appropriate to the historic nature of the
building. Also, working with the local codes officials and through careful
code analysis, we provided preliminary floor plans allowing for Commercial
use on the lower floors with an expansive Residential Loft on the top
floor. Through thoughtfully prepared exhibits and research into the color
palette of early 20th century downtown exteriors, we were to gain approval
of the restoration from the Design Review Board for Downtown Maryville.