At BMa, we embody value in all we do. Over the course of the last century, through leadership and a dedication to quality, we have evolved and perfected a process that influences every aspect of our business. Our process is multi-faceted but at its core is built on value. From the initial consultation to handing over the keys we aim to provide meaningful value every step of the way. We have built a unique culture that is founded on authenticity, expertise and providing value for our clients and our community.


Architecture is our passion. We believe that good architectural design is not only holds aesthetic value; it also can be a highly beneficial tool. Whether it is increased property value or decreased operational costs, quality architectural design is an invaluable tool for any owner.

At, BMa an integrated approach to ensure each client’s needs are uniquely addressed. Each engagement begins with an in-depth assessment to determine needs, requirements and scope for each project. Our seasoned team of designers work to create designs that are architecturally sound and are in line with the clients desires. Once the design process is complete, we service our clients through the construction phase – acting as full service representation on the their behalf. We negotiate, maintain communications and help manage the project process from a technical and financial perspective.

Our teams are there from beginning to end on every project and always maintain a continuing interest in the successful life of every built environment.


Our innovative design doesn’t end at the front door. We believe that design of the built environment is made whole through strategic and relevant interior design. Our talented interiors team works to ensure that each project solves client’s needs and creates an aesthetic that is unique and strategic. Interior design is more than just aesthetics; it’s the fundamental bridge between architecture and user experience. We approach each project to enhance architectural design through the use of strategic colors, finishes, materials and furnishings. Whether it’s new project or a renovation, we work with clients to ensure thoughtfulness, quality and authenticity in every project.


In both community involvement and sustainable practices we are committed to cultivating and caring for a prosperous community. East Tennessee holds a beauty and abundance that is unmistakable and we are dedicated to building a future that is just as rich. We are proud to say that BARBERMcMURRY architects is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and has a growing number of architects who are earning the LEED Accredited Professional designation. Sustainable practices have served our firm well and enabled the highest quality environments for our clients.

With the advent of the LEED process, our design steps are now formalized. They are tracked during each phase of the delivery process; combined with material specification and contractor performance criteria during construction; and continually tallied to verify that the target LEED Classification standards are met.

Through sustainable design and business concepts we are working to create a thriving environmental community. We believe it is our responsibility to educate, promote and engage in sustainable practices to ensure that our rich region has a bright future.

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Master Planning

Our approach to Master Planning is to first listen to our clients and understand their concerns and goals.  A successful master plan is a living, evolving, long term planning document.  It provides a framework that reflects a collective vision developed through an open and inclusive process.  It provides the outlet for various interest groups to voice opinions, aspirations, and dreams – and then through our expertise a mechanism to synthesize a plan with clear form and organization.  A plan which provides a realistic means forward for implementation.

Complete List of Services

At BMa, we are more than just great design. We are a full service firm that specializes in all aspects of the architectural process. We believe that offering a full range of services allows us to attend to all client needs. We take pride in the architectural design process, from end to end and thrive knowing we are able to create an outstanding experience for our clients.

Services Include: